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Industry and technology concept. INDUSTR


   Valcon has experienced process control engineers to provide control system structure and logic design. Company has engineers capable of control system integration, therefore control system logic and structure design will be done in regard with actual type of control system installed. 

   Valcon by integrating designed control systems assures quality in all steps of control system implementation - design and programming through testing control system on simulator.

Control & Instrumentation projects designs including:

  • IO database

  • Instrumentation specification

  • P&ID technological drawings

  • Project and installation documentation

  • Communication networks

  • DCS/PLC programming, testing, commissioning, tuning


Valcon developed, designed, produced and insalled automatic impulse pipe purging system. This system proves highly efficient in polluted environments (flue gas ducts) where pressure/flow measurements are used and are of high importance for operation 

and protection systems

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