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Retrofit & Virtualization

  Valcon has 20 year experience in control system retrofit projects in power plants all over the world. Successful retrofit project consists of the following steps:

  • Old control system architecture and structure analysis;

  • Building Functional Design Specification of new control system;

  • Research on plausible control structure improvements;

  • Simulator and control system programming;

  • Internal and external tests of control system design;

  • Commissioning and startup on-site.

 Valcon has successfully completed number of power plant retrofit projects with loads up to 1.25 GW. Therefore having full knowledge on retrofit project specifics providing customers best value.

Additionally Valcon offers a possibility to virtualize your current system in order to preserve you SW/data and transfer them to a new HW. This solution is suitable in situations when the I/O HW is still usable, but PC/HMI part is getting obsolete and there is a risk of losing data.


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