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Hydrogen Generation

We supply a electrolytic PE hydrogen generator with the following parameters:

  • modular system

  • basic production rate 5 Nm3/h

  • scalable system - production rate can be reduced or increased

  • hydrogen outlet pressure max. 35 bar

  • up to this value, the outlet pressure can be set as desired

  • guaranteed hydrogen purity 99.9%

The device can be used in various applications:

  • general hydrogen production

  • hydrogen for cooling power generators

  • self-supply with technical hydrogen

  • use of surplus electricity to produce hydrogen

  • photovoltaic hydrogen production

  • green hydrogen

  • storage of oxygen formed as a by-product

The system contains a separate PLC, which can be used for:

  • remote control

  • connections for superior control systems

The system can also be managed remotely via a mobile phone.

Depending on the application, we supply suitable hydrogen storage systems.

The installation can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project.

Materials for download:


Ready made hydrogen generation and usage solution - project, components, delivery, commissioning are provided by Valcon:


News & Updates

July 2023  - Valcon International s.r.o installs extension of hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyser at the Czech Technical University. The capacity is increased from 0.5 Nm3/h to 2 Nm3/h. The unit is additionally fitted with a new control and data acquisition system, safety system with independent SIL 3 ready safety chain, 2 hydrogen leak detection sensors and power consumption and production (on the fuel cell side) electric power meters. We are using our design data and previous test results, some of them were posted here earlier. An intensive test schedule is ahead of us and we are expecting results in early autumn. We will report on the progress.

August 2023 - Electrolyser up and running

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