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Miniturbo 300

MINITURBO 300 represents a compact and autonomous turbogenerator having in its basic variant electric output of 300 kW. There are also available power sets with 150 and 500 kW output based around the same design. MINITURBO 300 consists of a high speed condensation steam turbine that is directly coupled with electric generator and condenser. Outlet high frequency current is alternated by a frequency converter to the inner network distribution frequency.

    The steam turbine is multistage. The first stage is of radial, the other stages of the axial type. Turbine rotor is directly connected with the generator rotor. To reach a high thermodynamic efficiency the running blades of all stages are twisted. The design ensures the coaxiality of the turbine stator and rotor, thus obtaining a long term service reliability. Casing of the turbine is without horizontal parting plane, thus enabling axial assembly. Whole unit is shipped with its own control system that allows the turbine to work within a large extent of flow rates 0.4 - 1.1 Qopt while the optimum parameters are maintained. Protection system, which is a part of the control system, ensures immediate trip of the generator set when limit speed of the rotor or other monitored values have been exceeded.

  The generator is high speed, homopolar with sliding journal and thrust bearings and cooled stator winding. The high frequency current from the generator stator is taken as an input to the frequency converter.

  The condenser is of surface, two stream type with the possibility of cleaning the water chambers and the inner surface of the heat exchanging pipes. To reach the required vacuum the turbogenerator is equipped with a two stage steam vacuum pump and an starting ejector.

  All devices are located on a common frame that is designed to contain oil tank. Various other components of the oil system - oil pumps, oil cooler, oil filters etc. - are also located on the frame.

  MINITURBO 300 has been designed for exploitation of waste heat from various technological processes, in metallurgy, glassworks, incineration plants, cement works, lime works, etc. The unique conception of the equipment without the gearbox between turbine and generator significantly reduces the noise and raises service life. Remarkable is also the small size of the equipment.

Technical Data:

Inlet steam pressure Pomax = 0.6 - 2.0 Mpa
Inlet steam temperature tomax = 250 - 300 C
Maximum rotor speed nmax = 25000 min-1
Condenser pressure (wet cooling tower) Pk= 0.01 Mpa
Condenser pressure (dry condenser) Pk = 0.025 - 0.03 Mpa
Maximum performance of generator Nmax = 300 kW (150, 500 kW)
Output voltage of turboaggregate 3 x 380 V
Mass water flow through condenser Qk = 40.5 kg.s-1

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