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NI Portable Data Acquisition

Valcon International offers portable data acquisition (DAQ) using the National Instruments DAQ and LabVIEW based equipment. The unit can be used for various industrial applications namely:

- performance monitoring

- verification of protection functions

- response analysis of protection and control systems

- general operational data acquisition

- high speed data acquisition (msec sampling)

- certification and recertification of operational plant services - frequency control, secondary control, island mode 

Valcon developed numerous applications using the NI and LabView products. Valcon data acuisition unit features also a high resolution high speed camera that allows image recognition and image change response time analysis.

NI Data Acquisition

Designed for performance, NI data acquisition devices provide high-performance I/O, industry-leading technologies, and software-driven productivity. With patented technologies, National Instruments offers a wide-spectrum of PC-based measurement and control solutions that deliver the flexibility and performance that application demands. For more than 25 years, National Instruments has served as more than just an instrument vendor, but as a trusted advisor to engineers and scientists around the world.

High-Performance I/O and High-Accuracy Designs is the key features of NI Data Acquisition. Through years of experience, NI has developed several key technologies to minimize the errors and maximize the absolute accuracy of your measurements. Measurement accuracy is arguably one of the most important considerations in designing any data acquisition application. Yet equally important is the overall performance of the system, including I/O sampling rates, throughput, and latency.

NI LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment that makes it easy to take any measurement from a sensor on a bus. Measurements can be automated from several devices, data analyzed in parallel with acquisition, and custom reports created all in a matter of minutes with this industry-standard tool. From acquiring one simple measurement to capturing data from a complex 10,000-channel system, LabVIEW can help acquire, analyze, and log data in less time.


Example - Hydraulic Servo Valve Step Change Test Overview

NI High Speed Data Acquisition Unit

Data acquisition unit consists of the following components:

  • Chassis NI cDAQ-9172 - up to 8 I/O modules can be plugged in, more than 5 MS/s streaming analog input per chassis.

Chassis NI cDAQ-9172.PNG
  • Module NI 9203 - 8 current input channels, ±20 mA, 0 to 20 mA programmable input ranges, NIST-traceable calibration, open-loop detection programmable in software, 16-bit resolution, 200 kS/s aggregate sampling rate.

Module NI9203.PNG
  • Module NI 9205 - 32 single-ended or 16 differential analog inputs, 16-bit resolution, 250 kS/s aggregate sampling rate, ±200 mV, ±1, ±5, and ±10 V programmable input ranges, hot-swappable operation, overvoltage protection, isolation, NIST-traceable calibration, spring terminal or D-Sub connectivity.

Module NI9205.PNG
  • Module NI 9422 - 8-channel, 250 µs digital input or 2-channel counter (edge count, frequency, period, pulse width, semi period, pulse separation), hot-swappable operation, 250 Vrms channel-to-channel isolation, 24 V up to 60 V, sinking/sourcing digital inputs, screw-terminal connection.

Module NI9244.PNG
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