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Paperless Graphics Recorder DA


Valcon International offers portable data acquisition (DAQ) using the Eurotherm Paperless Graphics Recoder based equipment with following parameters:


- 5.5" Colour TFT touchscreen

- 6 independent channels

- USB 'plug & play'

8MB non-volatile flash memory

- 125ms parallel sampling/1s update

- Compact Flash

- Ethernet TCP/IP

- Web server

- IP66

- Multi-language support

- FTP Support

- Modbus TCP/IP support

- SNTP support

The data from up to 6 channels can be easily accessed directly from the device or the data can be stored/transmitted using following means:

- Compact Flash



Modbus TCP/IP

The data can be stored in CSV format and therefore easily imported into MS Excel.

The device also provides mathematic functions, totalisers & counters for recorded channels.

Channels can be wired in following ways, allowing to connect various types of signals:

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