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Industry and technology concept. INDUSTR

Simulation Of Technological Processes

One of Valcon key activities is Simulation of technological processes. Design of a simulator requires in-depth knowledge of the technological process and differential equations. Simulators are used both for the testing of newly installed control systems or control loops as well as for the site personnel training. Depending on the requirements, developed simulators also include features allowing introduction of critical plant situations and monitoring operator's personnel actions.

There are two major practical applications of industrial simulations:

  • Testing of control systems. Development of a simulator for a binary and modulating control is accomplished by linking control system outputs to expected response inputs. System's dynamic behavior modeling is based on a detailed thermodynamic analysis of the processes modelled. Such simulator enables troubleshooting and pre-tuning of a new control system before its installation on-site.

  • Operator training simulators. These simulators are exact clones of plant control systems with dynamic responses measured on-site, modelled inside the simulator. These simulators are highly popular with the power plants, chemical factories and industrial process operation companies. They are used for the personnel training and simulation of critical operational situations.

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