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February 2024

Valcon deliver 35/300 bar hydrogen gas booster for Czech Technical University Hydrogen Generator supplied by Valcon.


June 2024

Valcon participated on 27th June at the Czech-Bayern H2 Region Conference in Karlovy Vary organised by Krajská hospodářská komora Karlovarského kraje. We learned a lot about new H2 projects developed in Karlovy Vary region as well as in Bayern. We also learned about a great example of usage of green energy and hydrogen in town Wunsiedel in Bavaria.


May 2024

Valcon participate on 30th May at the 2nd H2 Heating Conference in Prague

organised by APOKS . Our presentation entitled

"Modular AEM hydrogen electrolyser assembly" received positive feedback.

Numerous contacts were established, and the conference once again highlighted the

significant potential in hydrogen production, storage and use.

April 2024

Hydrogen gas booster for Czech Technical University Hydrogen in position.

Valcon participate at Czech-Indian Hydrogen Days & Czech-Korea Hydrogen Partnering Forum

and B2B Meet on 25th April 2024. Wide range of opportunities opens on both sides.


February 2024

Valcon deliver 35/300 bar Resato hydrogen gas booster for Czech Technical University Hydrogen Generator supplied by Valcon.

Valcon participate at Berlin Hydrogen Forum

March 2024

We are proud to announce opening of our new 200 m2+ storage and assembly hall in Prague. It is to be used primarily for our instrumentation & control and hydrogen projects.

Valcon participate at Kotle Brno 2024 international conference, presenting AEM hydrogen solutions and past projects.

See us at Hydrogen Days in Prague 20th-22nd March

Valcon Team commences works in Guam - start up and commissioning of  4GTG/4HRSG/2STG combined cycle

December 2023

We are delighted to announce Valcon International as a member of the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA). Membership of SHFCA helps us to be recognised as part of growing hydrogen economy and to establish connections across the wide SHFCA membership platform.

Valcon commence works on process simulations and control optimisation for Engie Cycofos Combined Cycle project

Best wishes for 2024 to all

November 2023 - We are proud to announce that Valcon International s.r.o. have become Enapter Certified Partner. Valcon incorporate Enapter equipment in their complex hydrogen solutions that include water treatment, hydrogen production, compression and storage.
Valcon International can now provide hydrogen solutions ranging from 0.5 up to 210 Nm3/h of hydrogen with prospects of increased production in near future.
AEM electrolyzer technology that we are using has great advantages - namely higher current density, thus efficiency and lower requirements on inlet water purity.


November 2023 - Valcon is successfully closing H2 Projects Grant of Country for the Future program, which has been granted to our company to support developing of hydrogen projects for 2023

November 2023 - We are specifying 3 variants of the gas booster for our modular electrolyser installed in Research Laboratory at Czech Technical University.

The parameters of hydrogen booster:

  • Maximum pressure - 450 bar

  • Normal operating pressure - 280 bar / 7 bar (air drive pressure)

  • Minimal pressure of input hydrogen - less than 20 bar

  • Operating pressure of control air - 1 to 7 bar

  • Operating flow - 10 Nm3/h (input pressure 20 - 170 bar) 

November 2023 - Valcon's mini mission to Ukraine has been successfully completed.
Our meetings included Business forum at the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council; very fruitful technical sessions with Ukrhydroenergo - Ukraine's owner and operator of major hydroelectric power stations, including the misfortunate Khakhovskaya; informal meetings with the Czech diplomatic misison in Ukraine; discussions of thermal power plant reconstructions with UDP Renewables and meeting with the UA's deputy Minister for European Integration of Energy of Ukraine and his team Mr. Yaroslav Demchenkov.

We have presented our hydrogen technologies, hydrogen projects as well as our activities in power industry in general.
Many contacts were established and re-established and we hope in our mutual cooperation in the future.
Slava Ukraini

September 2023 - Our modular electrolyser performance data results - time x outlet flow characteristics - our 10 kW electrolyser unit is on full flow production within 18 minutes, we are storing the produced hydrogen in industrial type bottle and production switches automatically off when limit pressure is reached. Below are - production time trend, pressure time trend and voltage-current characteristics. Total production is 2 Nm3/h.


August 2023 - Valcon International s.r.o. electrolyser up

and producing - see the construction progress video sequence


July 2023 - Valcon International s.r.o installs extension of hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyser at the Czech Technical University. The capacity is increased from 0.5 Nm3/h to 2 Nm3/h. The unit is additionally fitted with a new control and data acquisition system, safety system with independent SIL 3 ready safety chain, 2 hydrogen leak detection sensors and power consumption and production (on the fuel cell side) electric power meters. We are using our design data and previous test results, some of them were posted here earlier. An intensive test schedule is ahead of us and we are expecting results in early autumn. We will report on the progress.


Valcon International was founded in 2001 as a Czech republic based company which has offices in Prague, Czechia.

Valcon is a team of experienced engineers with the strong knowledge of processes control, advanced controls, automation, project management. 

We provide R&D services for following industrial applications:

  • Power generation and distribution, boilers, gas and steam turbines, combined cycles,

  • Thermal stations, heat recovery cycles, waste heat utilization,

  • Hydro turbines,

  • Chemical, Petrochemical and water treatment plants.




Valcon International s.r.0

Londynska 217/33

12000 Prague 2



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