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Performance Monitor

     Valcon Performance Monitor is a software package that integrates functionality for process data collection, performance calculation and results processing. Valcon Performance Monitor is very flexible and easy to use software with the common user interface. The User can calculate selected process part performance in every past time interval with varied precision or use real time performance calculations. Every calculation created for the performance calculation can be very flexibly changed or expanded to satisfactory user needs.

     For analyzing calculated performance results the user can select various types of charts or use reports. Report templates can be changed very easily and quickly by the user. The Calculation results can be exported to the popular application types (Excel, PDF and etc.) or sent to a printer. The Chart has a drag to zoom and a drag to scroll features, real-time, view port, tool tips and mouse events support. The Calculation results are stored in the SQL server database and can be reused any time. Components used for calculating steam and water parameters are certificated by software (GOST).

Main parts of the system

   Valcon Historian is a software which collects and saves field data information. Multiple scanners collect data from several units and sends to the central data warehouse trough the TCP/IP network. The Central data warehouse is based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database server. Valcon Performance Monitor uses Valcon Historian data to calculate performance variables.

    Valcon Performance Monitor has ability to calculate performance jobs in real time and show real time calculation results in time trend. To calculate real time performance job performance monitor takes last 5 seconds (or user defined amount of time) of field data from historian and with those data calculates performance job formulas.

     Valcon Alarm Server analyzes process data for defined condition occurrence. Sends notifications via SMS or email and stores events.

   Valcon WEB Diagrams is software to display system diagrams with the data calculated by the performance monitor. Valcon WEB Diagrams gives online tools for creation of web pages for process and performance data.

Hardware requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz or Xeon Quad 2x4Mb L2;

  • Memory: 4Gb DDR2/DDR3 800Mhz;

  • HDD: RAID 5 (3 disk's) = SATA or SAS;

  • Network: 1Gbit/s.

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or later). Microsoft Windows 2003 Server R2;

  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 (Included in setup program);

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express edition (Included in setup program);

  • Crystal reports engine and viewer (Included in setup program);

  • ASE ChartDirector component (Included in setup program);

  • WaterSteam Pro 6 component (Included in setup program);

  • Crystal reports designer (Optional, for report’s templates. Not included).

Current release

Valcon Performance Monitor 2.1

New features were added:

  • Implemented reports generation scheduling service to Valcon Performance Monitor;

  • Supplemented reports generation to Valcon WEB Diagrams;

  • Time shifts handling of the Valcon Historian;

  • Supplemented OPC collector;

  • Implemented import/export function of project data.

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